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      Anidam is a 3D animated dam. The program is under the free and open source license GPL v2 of the GNU foundation. The aim of the project was mainly to create a animation of a dam in a 3D space. We used the free and open scene graph manager (OpenSceneGraph) and for the sound effects, the OpenAl library.

Use the keys U to open the dam valves and D to close them. You will see the water flowing through the dam. Drag with the left mouse button to rotate the view; with the right one to zoom on the scene and with the middle one to move the view. Press F to switch to the window mode and W to show only vertex or edges, finally press Esc to exit the program.

The project is cross platform, ie. it can be run on a linux or a windows computer (and surely with a Mac). Anidam uses several free and openSource libraries :

- OpenSceneGraph , which manage the whole program.
- OpenAL , the free audio library.
- OpenAL++ , an object oriented API for spatial sound, built on top of OpenAL. It also uses OpenThreads and PortAudio.
- OsgAL , a library written in portable C++/STL to integrate spatial (3D) sound in the open source scenegraph OpenSceneGraph.
- SDL , A cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide fast access to the graphics framebuffer and audio device.

See our french report on this project.